Apps for smartphones and tablets (mobile applications)

Users of portable devices are getting more and more. Most of online visits are executed through smartphones and tablets. For this reason there is the need to exploit new technologies. Hence, at firebit we work hard every day and monitor all modern app development technologies for portable devices (mobile applications).

  • We offer development app services of every type, highly functional
  • We support applications both for Android and iOS
  • Applications that run both at smartphones and tablets (Android, iPhone, iPad)
  • We use the modern specifications
  • We take over publishing the apps at the relative Stores (Play Store and App Store)
  • We take over the constant update of the apps

Some types of apps:

  • business presentation app
  • e-shop app
  • app with special functions
  • apps that are connected with API’s
  • apps with GPS
  • virtual reality apps
  • augmented reality apps
  • game development

anatomy of an app…

Developing a professional app involves many stages that they all need to be done correctly. In this way the result is better than what you expected. At firebit we can do for you all the required procedures, from designing to publishing and promote.

Do not hesitate to contact with us for any ideas you may have.

We are here for you.