Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the future! At firebit we know this technology in depth. We can use it in many ways in order to create impressive and innovative apps that can connect with natural objects.

For this reason we have created firebit’s subsidiary company, bitar. Bitar’s sole purpose is developing augmented reality and virtual reality apps.

Augmented reality has two parts. The first is the application and the second one is the natural object.

Apps can function in smartphones and tablets that have a camera. The natural objects can be printed material, 3D objects etc. This app supports the function of video and sound, but also the interactivity of the user with the 3D model.

Apps can be free and the natural objects for sale, such as for example the Livebooks that come to life.

Augmented reality can be used:

  • for entertaining purposes

  • for advertising purposes

  • for commerce

  • for branding

  • for innovation

We are open to innovative suggestions and cooperations.

We are here to discuss with you any possible idea.

We hear you.