Custom apps with Angular, Laravel, React, VueJS κ.α.

We use the latest trends of technology to make true your most complicated wish.

At firebit we never say “we can’t do this”. There are technological approaches for every problem and there is definitely one approach appropriate for you.

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At the moment, Laravel is considered to be the best PHP Framework for web app developing. The security, the validity, the excellence and the low cost of development are some of the facts that made Laravel the “king” in developing simple and complicated apps.

It offers a series of advantages, like MVS architecture, templating system, ORM, Artisan Command Line, Modular Packaging, Migration System, Inbuild libraries, Lumen micro framework, excellent security functions and of course multiple Unit Testing.


Using the latest edition of Google technology, Angular, we can make possible complicated processes at the front-end part.

Angular can be combined with other technologies in order to cover the back-end part, either with classic approaches or with alternative. It depends on the client’s needs. We can easily combine Angular with Laravel to create a super modern project with hyper-modern front-end and reliable back-end. Also, we can do complicated combinations with any API.


React technology became famous the last years and the majority of people at a global scale are using it.

The new technological approaches that includes, make it fully dynamic but pretty complicated, so it is recommended for big projects that need to secure stability and credibility when their data and the resources needed, will begin to increase. Furthermore, it is known for its amazing speed.


VueJS can be used at the front-end part, easily and flexible.

It is really fast and lately it is becoming the first choice of many companies. We can easily combine it with laravel for back-end, it is very reliable and is recommended for projects that are based mainly at back-end, but also want a fast and impressive front-end.


With Ionic we can create apps for portable devices (smartphones and tablet) with web technologies. At the same time we will have access at the native data of the devices, like camera, GPS, gyroscope, sensors etc.

Those apps use web technologies, hence we can have an excellent combination with specialized web platforms for data supply, authentication etc. Moreover, we can easily combine it with node.js for asynchronous communication and simultaneous communication among two or more users.


Give your users the opportunity for asynchronous communication with modern technologies.

The node.js can easily connect data, users and processes in a unique way, fast and with low resources cost. It is a powerful technology that can be used in a variety of projects, depending on the needs.

React native and NativeScript

We use React Native to create apps with JavaScript that can be translated into native apps. It uses the same pattern with React when it comes to design, and allows the creation of asynchronous mobile UI data from declarative components.

A React Native app is not a mobile app or an html5 app or a hybrid app. It is a real native app, developed with Objective-C (iOS) or Java (Android).

We also use NativeScript and Angular to develop native apps

Electron Framework

With Electron Framework, we can use JavaScript, HTML and CSS to design an app that will be for desktop.

In this way, we can have the dynamic of web apps in an app that can be installed and run at Windows, Mac and Linux.

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