Facebook apps and competitions

We can create custom facebook apps to enhance your electronic presence via social media.

Facebook apps can run into the platform and be interactive, connectable with external data sources, databases, API’s etc. They can be used for lotteries, competitions, newsletters’ registry etc.

Modern technologies

We use the latest trends of technology. Our apps are made with HTML5 and WebGL. We NEVER use flash. In this way we create a modern, expandable environment, with modern design for users with high functionality. The same app can run in every device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

quiz games

Create quiz games and personalized quiz for your clients/users/visitors.

Give them the opportunity to share the result of the game with their friends, in order to promote your brand even more.

Connect the results of the game with competitions, add gamification at your campaign and show how much you care about your users!

We are open to innovative suggestions and cooperations.

We are here to discuss with you any possible idea.

We hear you.