facebook bots/chatbots

We can create a smart, automate customer service system, embedded at your Facebook page, that will be there for your clients 24hours. So there is no need for you to pay someone to do this job.

Facebook bots are smart systems that recognize what the user wants or guide him at the system choices, to have the best possible service, in real time. Bots can answer considering the user choices, like there is a person of customer service behind it.

Automate service with low cost

Customer service can be an automated process. In case the user needs extra help, then he can have actual contact with someone in charge. Bots can easily handle 9 out of 10 requests.

The communication of the user with your site is organized, exactly like he is used to communicate with his friends.

The platform runs on desktop, tablet and smartphone. The user needs just the facebook messenger app, that it is already installed at the overwhelming majority of portable devices.

messenger platform

No need to install an extra app


Customer servise 24hours, 365 days a year


User conversation history


Send massive messages to your visitors

keep moving


facebook bots + platform

The best and more impressive solution for events

Give the visitors of your event the opportunity to send you a picture through facebook messenger, which will also appear in a screen, live. An automated system can choose the winner of the contest to win a gift!

Live interactive competitions with facebook messenger, only from firebit!

We are open to innovative suggestions and cooperations.

We are here to discuss with you any possible idea.

We hear you.