Game developing with Unity3D

At firebit we can build from scratch a game for you. It can be in any form, 3D game, 2D game, game for educational purposes, game for fun etc.

We use Unity3D and develop the gaming code with C# in order to be dynamic, expandable and customizable. You can connect games with external data sources, databases etc. Games are interactive, while there is Physics Engine support to simulate better and more realistic the true nature of objects.

In addition, Push server, Analytics, Analytics Events etc, can be installed.

Why Unity3d?

Unity3D became popular really fast. Its’ use is for developing games in a global scale. At this moment there are more than 5 billion downloads at apps that have been made with Unity3D, while it is been used by the 34% of the best games.

You can play a game that has been made with Unity3D at any portable device but also at a variety of devices such as desktop, VR glasses, XBOX, Playstation. Through WebGL they can operate at Web. So, there is a codebase and we improve the individual features, depending on the platform – target.

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