Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are applications with characteristics that use dynamic of the web:

  • Reliable – They load instantly and never lag, even in bad internet connection situations.
  • Fast – They answer immediately at the users’ commands, with beautiful effect and movements, without lagging.
  • Friendly – They give the feeling of a real app, giving a unique experience of use.

Those are the new characteristics of PWA, that allow you to have a place inside your custumers’ smartphones.


When PWA start working from the user’s device, service workers allow them to load instantly, independently from the internet connection situation.

A service worker is like a client-side proxy, written in Javascript, that makes the app check the temporary files and the way it will answer at the users’ demands. Creating a cache before it is needed, you can scientifically decrease the percentage of how much the app is depended in the quality of the internet connection. In this way, you will be sure that it will load immediately and reliable.


According to many researches, 53% of the users will leave a site if it makes more than 3 seconds to load! And when it is loaded, they expect it to be fast, not to lag and not to delay to their demands. Hence, they expect a good experience of using the app.

The improvement of the speed starts from decreasing and optimizing the data that the users will have to download. Analyzing the data, we can achieve a great result by creating a PWA app.


PWA apps can be installable at the main page of the user WITHOUT the need to install them from Play Store or App Store. They give an excellent experience of use, at a full screen environment. Furthermore, using a manifest file, they can interact with the users through push notifications.

Web App Manifest allows to define how the app will appear after it is activated. We can define icons for the app at smartphones, loading page, but also footers or a specific function of the app that we want it to load.

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