SEO Optimization

Make your site SEF: 390 euros

The fireSEO pack is an excellent choice that can boost your website at the search engine results.

We are looking at the market demand, study the competition and end up with specific keywords that can help you bring organic traffic at your site. Then, after we discuss with you the results of our study, we continue with the integration of the keywords at your site, so you will achieve search engine optimization (SEO).

The results of the study can be used for Google AdWords campaigns.

We execute the study based on the latest moths’ demand, keeping in mind specific trends that may be created through time, which can be spotted through the variance of demand in the last years.

SEO optimization

SEO pack: fireSEO

Study of the market and competition

Keywords study

Applying the results at your texts

Applying the results at the website

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Websites’ SEO: fireSEO pack

  • Study of the market and your competition
  • Key words study
  • Writing a review relative with the results of the research and the key words at which we concluded
  • Apply the result of the research at your texts and the titles of your sites, your pictures, your meta tags etc
  • Suggestions about the speed and server optimization
  • Suggestions for further optimization of your e-presence

If you need something different we are at your disposal to talk about it.

We are here for you.


Each project is unique.

We see the detailed statistics, make suggestions, changes and improvements. We keep promoting it. We are here for your needs.

We are building each project like if it was our project!