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Augmented Reality

We are augmented reality specialists with dozens of apps currently live!

Virtual Reality

We work with many devices and headsets to provide Virtual Reality experiences....

Mobile games

We love developing games for multiple platforms, entertainment or educational...

webgl apps

webgl apps

Dynamic webgl web sites. 3D power and web power combined!

Web development

Web application develpment, pwa apps, instant web apps, and more

Web site development

Modern websites that works on various screen sizes

Ecommerce Solutions

WordPress Woocommerce solutions, Shopify and more...

Custom web apps

Based on most modern technologies on the web

Inspired by you!

At firebit we get inspired from your true needs, and with insightful, innovative and handy ides, we lead you and your business at the top.

Each project is unique. Your project becomes our project and skilled people will deal with it in order to create, build and serve it.


At firebit, with experience, expertise, consistency and responsibility, we develop each type of software that can run on web, mobile devices and computer desktops.

We are dealing with creating, building and serving websites with the use of innovative technologies and modern aesthetics, which are easy to use.

We develop custom made apps and functions that you order, building software platforms that run both on web and portable devices, connect your infrastructure with data sources (API’s) and many more projects using modern technologies. We are constantly evolving and developing new tools that give our clients quality, innovation and certainty for the future.

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