Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is already in our lives. It is the future, that is here now!

At firebit we really care about this technology, and for this reason we have created bitarIt’s only purpose is to deal with augmented and virtual reality.

The unique world of virtual reality is now available for everyone with low cost of equipment for the consumer but also for the company that wants to be part of this amazing new world of the future.

Virtual reality can be interactive in many ways.

Virtual tour and virtual reality

To create a virtual reality experience with real pictures, it is required a 360 degree photo shooting of the areas you want to be in the application.

Each costumer can download your app and see the places you have in virtual reality. 

The app will work with or without a virtual reality mask. The user will choose the way s/he wants to use it.

Virtual places

We can apply virtual reality in virtual places that will be created through computed systems.

This case works great for interactive games, educational projects, interactive presentations etc.

All apps can have sound that comes with the experience, and in fact it will be 3D Sound. In other words, the sound will come from a different place each time, and the user will be able to understand which place is that. It depends on the way s/he moves his head during the experience.

We are open to innovative suggestions and cooperations.

We are here to discuss with you any possible idea.

We hear you.