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Web development

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Facebook apps

With content management system, optimization for search engines and fast hosting


With custom made functions, so it fit to your needs, content management system, optimization for search engines and fast hosting


A well developed, complete e-shop with low implementation and support cost


Complete magento e-shop with great characteristics for high goals


In page SEO optimization for optimizing your site concerning the search engines.


Developing apps with modern technologies, API’s connection, push notifications etc


Developing innovative augmented reality applications, fully interactive and related to the products


Developing virtual reality apps


Apps that use web technologies with native apps’ experience


With the use of modern tools at back-end and front-end, with custom functions, API’s connection and mobile applications


We use modern tools in order to give you a more stable and expandable result


With Unity3D for 3D or 2D games that run on web or on portable devices


Interactive apps that run inside facebook and help you increase the quality indicators at your professional website


Automatic “sellers” that help those who are interested or your costumers, without needing an employee to do the job!


Creating contests to promote your brand name and your products/services


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Our Profile

At firebit we get inspired from your true needs, and with insightful, innovative and handy ides, we lead you and your business at the top.

Each project is unique. Your project becomes our project and skilled people will deal with it in order to create, build and promote it.

Your project will always be modern and dynamic. With the help of special software it will be “in contact” with search engines and Social Media, constantly making people aware of its presence.

What we do

At firebit, with experience, expertise, consistency and responsibility, we develop each type of software that can run on web, mobile devices and computer desktops.

We are dealing with creating, building and promoting websites with the use of innovative technologies and modern aesthetics, which are easy to use.

We develop custom made apps and functions that you order, building software platforms that run both on web and portable devices, connect your infrastructure with data sources (API’s) and many more projects using modern technologies. We are constantly evolving and developing new tools that give our clients quality, innovation and certainty for the future.

Technology and innovation

We use the same technologies that are used by the masters in technology, such us Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. We keep developing our tools and watch carefully the progress in technology.

Indicative technologies that we use: Laravel, Angular, NodeJS, Ionic, React, React Native, NativeScript, VueJS, TypeScript, Electron, Express, ES6, Unity3D etc.

We use the above technologies with modern processes. For example, in an Angular Project: routing, lazy loading modules,  rxjs, ngrx/store, ngrx/effects, ngrx/devtools, redux devtools extension, reselectrouting με actions στο global store κ.α.

Satisfaction guarantee

At firebit we are confident about our abilities and hence we offer you a guarantee. You won’t pay for the project until you are 100% sure that you like it. At your project you can ask for as many changes as you want, until the result will be better that what you expected!

Be sure that firebit is the best choice!

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